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Why Enter?

The National Tourism Awards recognize tourism operators throughout Pakistan that have demonstrated outstanding achievement and have made a significant contribution to the industry. Have a read through our for more information on the process.

Benefits Include:

  • Be recognized as an outstanding tourism operator
  • Discover the full potential of your business
  • Super charge your annual business planning
  • Gain a competitive edge by receiving feedback from industry leaders
  • Energies and motivate your staff
  • Use your submission as a benchmark to improve your bottom line
  • Receive media publicity and exposure
  • Use the award logo to promote your operation as an award winning business
  • Celebrate and network with industry peers and colleagues at the NTP Awards ceremony

What additional benefits does a Winner receive?

  • Access to professional photo/s of trophy recipient backstage holding trophy.
  • Opportunity to film a short Winner Interview which gets distributed to media as well as the entrant for their own distribution.
  • Inclusion in all NTPA media releases which is distributed to an extensive media list following the Award Ceremony.
  • Exposure through NTPA and NTP social media channels during/after the Award Ceremony.
  • Potential footage of your business being included in a special
  • Potential inclusion in a National Tourism Magazine which will be published after Award Ceremony.
  • All winners (Gold, Silver and Bronze) will receive a winner’s logo to distribute as they wish for additional exposure and credibility.
  • Releases and social media content for becoming finalists into the National Tourism Awards and you will also receive a finalist’s logo.
  • If you then go on to win, you will gain even more media exposure on a province and national level.
  • Winners will also receive a Media Report from NTPA following the Award Ceremony.